Monitoring and Analysis of Industrial Discharges

Autonomous System for Measurement, Registration and Communication of Industrial Discharges Pollutants

The iLOGS SCV System powered by batteries and with GPRS communication, measures parameters related to:

  • Level
  • Ph and Conductivity
  • Volatile Organic Components


  • Battery powered. More than 3 weeks of autonomy with sampling
  • Level control with external sensor.
  • PH and Conductivity reading with external sensor
  • Integrated sampler pump: 1 Liter *1.5 Min *3.5 m height
  • GPRS and RS485 Serial Communications
  • Integrated datalogger. Logging every 10 min and a daily data dump.
  • Protection: IP68


  • Monitoring
  • Analysis of data
  • Historicals, Trends, Alarms & Reports
  • Interface with other measurement and recording systems
  • Communication with VOC measurement equipment (hydrocarbons independent of methane) or other equipment via Modbus