Software for configuration and monitoring

Configurator software

The iCONF configurator program is the programming tool for iLOGS Dataloggers and handles multiple combinations of tasks, events, actions, computations, etc. with which the user can develop their application in a simple, efficient and powerful environment. The program is divided into different sections, sequenced and specific, in order to simplify the development of the application. iCONF can be used with a local connection via RS232 or with a remote connection via 2G/3G/4G.

Monitoring Software /driver for Scada

iSOFT is a program for the management and supervision of iLOGS Datalogger equipment. It is a powerful software tool that allows the analysis of the data received from the Dataloggers, as well as its graphical visualization: historical data, trends, alarms, calls, evolution of variables, etc., and sending of emails. It is capable of managing a large number of iLOGS, with the help of a time slot allocation table for communications.

It can be activated as a driver to communicate with a SCADA. The communication interface is based on flat files (CSV), SQL Server, ACCESS or OPC.